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    Stanford University

    2015-2019 (expected)

    Stanford, CA


    Anticipated Major: Product Design Engineering


    - Lunsford Oral Presentation of Research Award, given to top 2 of ~500 oral presentations for "excellence and innovation in presentation as well as strong research.”

    - Outstanding Psychology One Scholar, given to top 7 research and writing projects in 250 person course.



    Washington International School


    International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma


    - Higher Level Courses: Math, Physics, Economics, Design Technology
    - Standard Level Courses: English Literature, Spanish Literature


    - 2015 U.S. Presidential Scholar -- one of 141 students selected out of 3.2 million high school seniors based on "academic success, artistic excellence, essays, school evaluations and transcripts, as well as evidence of community service, leadership, and demonstrated commitment to high ideals.”

    - 2015 National Merit Finalist

    - Head’s Award for "the student with the highest academic standing."

    - Career Mathematics Achievement Award for “the student who achieves the highest standard in mathematics."

    - Jefferson Book Award for "best representing the Jefferson ideals of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship."

    - Creativity Award for the student whose "creative talents . . . enliven and enhance the life of the school."



    Stanford Undergraduate Research Institute Fellowship

    June 2016 - August, 2016


    - Led original research project on engineering students’ confidence and ability to ask questions; lead author on paper accepted to 2017 American Society of Engineering Education conference.
    - Conducted in-depth interviews qualitative interviews for paper on closeness in engineering classrooms.
    - Received Summer Undergraduate Research Institute fellowship to fund full-time research for 10 weeks.


    Research Assistant



    Investigated how virtual reality effects communication, empathy, and behavior.


    From Nasty to NASTI: Using Google Search Data to Predict Stomach Virus Outbreaks

    Mathematics Paper



    I used Google Trends search data to create a model that predicts the number of cases of norovirus (stomach virus) in the United States at a given time. I also developed NoroWatch, a system that outputs the prevalence of stomach virus in a region of the United States.


    Why Thin Wins: The Peculiar Physics of Crumpled Paper Balls

    International Baccalaureate Extended Essay



    For years, people have used crumpled paper to protect fragile objects. But the physics of why this is effective remains elusive. As part of my International Baccalaureate program, I tried to find the answer. I investigated how varying the mass, area, and mass per unit area of the paper used to make paper balls affects the ball’s ability to decelerate objects that collide with it and to maintain its shape under a constant force.


    Department of Education

    September 2013


    I was invited to speak at a US Department of Education conference. I then wrote a guest blog post summarizing my talk on the department's website.


    The Washington Post

    August 26, 2013


    I wrote this article for the Washington Post Outlook Section about my 10th grade sabbatical year.


    Google Science Fair



    I conducted a series of social science studies involving nine high schools to answer the question: If teenagers simply think about being tired, does this affect their performance?



    The Stanford Voter Project

    Designed a system to increase student voter participation at Stanford



    - The Stanford Voter Project harnesses the power of dorm culture to transform voting from a solitary chore to a community activity. A designated dorm representative and door signs holds students accountable get students to step up and talk about voting, sign up and register, and finally, show up on election day.

    - Created network of 41 Voter Champions in 25 dorms with a reach of over 3,000 undergraduates; registered over 500 students to vote.

    - Designed branding and graphics for the initiative. 
    - Funded by Stanford in Government, the Haas Center for Public Service, and the Stanford Product Design department.

    Bubble Burster Bag

    Designed a shopping bag that transforms into a virtual reality headset



    Stanford students spend our days surrounded by other Stanford students, faculty, and buildings -- enclosed in the Stanford bubble. But going off campus costs time and money. With a few folds, students can pop the bubble without leaving their dorm room.

    Tweet Like Kanye - The Pinball Experience

    Designed and built a pinball machine that generates random Kanye West Tweets



    Hitting different targets on the machine sets off spinners that lead to a random Kanye West inspired tweets. Some examples: “Kanye is a creative genius.” and “Fashion respects antique pain.”


    Materials: Foamcore, glue, rubber bands, wooden dowels, paper

    Smart Seat Cushion

    Prototyped a seat cushion that alerts users to stand up and walk around if they sit down for more than 25 consecutive minutes.



    Sitting is killing us. Research shows that sitting for long period of time is correlated with an earlier death. This seat cushion alerts the user when they sit down for too long, and provides lumbar support to help improve posture.


    Tools: Arduino, foam cutter, sewing machine

    Froggy Earbud Wrap

    Designed and 3D-printed a plastic holder to store and keep earbuds untangled.



    This frog-shaped holder lets you store your earbuds without creating knots and tangles.


    Tools: CAD software, 3D printer

    Portable iPhone Stand

    Designed and built a wood iPhone stand that can be carried around on a keychain.



    This handy wooden stand supports a cell phone both vertically and horizontally.


    Tools: jigsaw, drill press, CAD software


    Salt-Shaker Utensils

    Designed and built utensils whose shafts are salt and pepper shakers.



    These cool utensils make it easy and eco-friendly to carry around condiments in your lunchbox.


    Tools: CAD software, 3D printer, assembling found components

    Handmade Wooden Ballpoint Pens

    Designed and built several pens from a variety of different woods.



    I experimented with different types of wood and shapes to create these three different hand-crafted pens.


    Tools: Wood lathe, drill press, jigsaw


    MIT Launch

    Support Coordinator

    June 2015 - August 2015


    I worked at this summer program that helps high school students start companies. My main responsibilities were:


    - Designing and teaching lessons.

    - Serving as a teaching assistant for classes.

    - Mentoring student teams.

    - Organizing the professional mentor network for the students.

    - Conducting research using data from student teams. I analyzed the qualities of successful teams, and helped develop new success metrics to measure the impact of the program.

    Make decisions together.



    - Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of eithr -- a crowd-sourced decision making app.
    - Founded at Launch Summer 2014, an entrepreneurship incubator for high school students, where eithr was named Best Overall Company. 


    The magic of kindness meets the power of mobile.



    - Founder and creator of mobile app that promotes acts of kindness.


    - Created at LearnServe International, a social entrepreneurship program for high school students, where it won the 2012-2013 award for Most Innovative Venture.

    LearnServe International

    Social entrepreneurship program for high school students.



    - Fellow, 2012-2013


    - Alumni ambassador – assisted with the program and mentored current students, 2013-2015

    - Taught classes in design thinking, web design, and pitching.


    One man's quest to make DC smile.



    Outstanding Local Film – 2013 DC Shorts Film Festival


    Grand Prize Winner – 2013 Pendragwn Youth Film Festival

    Official Selection – 2013 National Film Festival for Talented Youth

    Official Selection – 2013 CineYouth Film Festival

    Official Selection – 2013 Mill Valley Film Festival

    One stressed out mom. Two screaming kids. And dinner for six in a few hours. Here's what happens next.



    Best Picture – 2012 Bangkok International Youth Film Festival


    Audience Choice Award – 2012 Pendragwn Youth Film Festival

    First Prize – 2012 Madeira School Film Festival

    Official Selection – 2012 Westport Youth Film Festival

    Official Selection – 2012 CineYouth Film Festival

    The world is out of balance.



    Best Upper School Film – 2012 Washington International School Global Issues Film Festival


    Audience Choice Award – 2012 Washington International School Global Issues Film Festival

    I was hired by my school to create a promotional video for NewsAction -- an online journalism platform made for students, by students.



    A public service announcement about Internet censorship around the world.



    Audience Choice Award – 2011 Pendragwn Youth Film Festival Outstanding PSA Award – 2011 Burke School Film Festival


    Best Technical and Artistic Achievement Award – 2011 Washington International School Global Issues Film Festival

    Audience Favorite – 2011 Washington International School Global Issues Film Festival.


    My first film, made in 7th grade, a PSA about why arts education is essential for kids.



    Best Picture – 2010 Washington International School Global Issues Film Festival


    Audience Favorite – 2010 Washington International School Global Issues Film Festival

    Film Festival Jury Member

    WIS Global Film Festival 2013 and 2014; DC Shorts Film Festival 2014



    I have been a juror for the Washington International School Global Film Festival for the last two years. I was also a juror for the DC Shorts Film Festival 2014.






    - Philharmonic Orchestra, 2012-2013


    - Symphony Orchestra, 2011-2012

    - Performed in six concerts at Strathmore Music Hall

    Washington International School Musicals




    - Hairspray, 2013


    - Jekyll and Hyde, 2012

    - Annie, 2012

    - Grease, 2011

    - Peter Pan, 2011

    - Seussical, 2010

    - Les Miserables, 2009


    Assorted Press Coverage


    - The Current Newspapers, "Two Northwest Students Win Prestigious Award for Academic Achievement"

    - The Real Education Podcast with Blake Boles, "Sophia Pink on Taking a High School Sabbatical"

    - Scientific American, "Meet Science-Film Phenom Sophia Pink"

    - WTOP, "Red carpet rolls out in DC for young filmmakers"

    - National Film Festival for Talented Youth, "Film of the Week"

    - On Tap Magazine, "DC Shorts Celebrates 10 Years" 

    Moody's Mega Math Challenge

    Nationwide applied math competition 



    - Member of a five-person team that won honorable mention, finishing in the top 5.6% of over 1,000 high school teams nationwide.


    Fluent in Spanish


    Thanks to being in a bilingual school since pre-kindergarten, I can read, write, and speak Spanish fluently.





    Sophia Pink